Time of Year New Security Clients Come Out

September and October always seem to be the time of year many security products come out with a new version.  In most cases, this means a new user interface, some added features and often a new name in the security client.  Some vendors simply add on 2011 (the year) to the new interface, but others come out with whole new names for their product lines. Trend Micro is one such company this year.  They have their Titanium product line.

This of course means TONS of work for the Antivirus Review team here.  We love it, so it does not bother us.  It's always cool to see what new features these software vendors are offering.  In most cases, it's a step forward but there have been a few missteps over the years.

What some people do not know is often times they are eligible to upgrade their security client from the older 2010 version to the new 2011 version.  If you are in doubt, attempt to update the software client manually and see if the client does not upgrade to the newer version for you.  If not, simply go to the vendors Website and call the 800 number and ask.  The older version will still be getting updates till your licenses runs out, so in the grand scheme of things it may not matter, but as stated before. the new versions usually have at least a few new features.

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