FBI Green Dot MoneyPak

FBI Green Dot MoneyPak is a new malware strike that people are getting from the internet. If you have this threat there are some things you can expect to happen to your computer. This main purpose of this program is to make people send their money. This is one scary program because people who are infected will think it's coming from the FBI. The reality is although these things may look real, they are just a part of this scam. None of it is real. You will get a lot of FAKE WARNINGS with this threat. 

How You Got FBI Green Dot MoneyPak


This threat is transmitted from person to person in different ways. One way is that it is able to install itself on a computer without the user knowing it. This is due to weakness in security on the computer. If there is not a legitimate antivirus program installed on the system to block these kinds of attacks then that's a loophole that will be taken advantage of. The best thing you can do to reduce your chance of infection is to make sure you have all the updated security patches for your operating system. Then get a good program to help protect you from online viruses and malware. Another way this malware program gets installed on a computer is by fooling the end user into thinking it's a helpful program. So the user downloads this on their computer themselves.

What Damage is FBI Green Dot MoneyPak Causing Now?

This  malware is actually blocking all the normal programs from running. As long as the executable of this program is running your computer's programs will not be ale to. Because all the programs are blocked, it makes it hard to delete this malware. If you have a webcam it will be turned on by this attack and it will take photos of you. Don't be alarmed, it's all just a part of the scam. The FBI does NOT have your photo and is not associated with this threat at all. 

FBI Green Dot MoneyPak Manual Removal Procedures

The most important thing to do first is to stop the executable from running on your computer. This is what will actually stop the attack itself and enable you to delete it. You want to look for the file name. It will look something like "Virus-Filename.exe." It will vary from computer to computer and you will need to know exactly where to look.  

File Locations

When you are searching for the right file to delete this malware threat, you will need to look in your hidden files and folders. Select this option so that everything appears in your search and nothing remains hidden. 

Windows Vista/7:

Search for the file for the malware with these paths

  • C:UsersUSER NAMEAppData
  • C:UsersUSER NAMEAppDataLocal.

1. In order to fully erase this file, you will have to rename it because a file cannot be deleted if it is currently in use. Navigate to the File Locations then rename the file itself. Now, restart your computer system. Sort your files by date to narrow the search and click the file that is linked to the infection. Rename. Delete. 

2. Use Safe Mode to boot your computer in. Once you do that you may be able to erase the file. Use the file paths given above. You can also use "Safe Mode with Networking". After the file is deleted, find an antivirus program you can trust to stop this from happening again. 

3. Use a different user account to sign into your computer. Then follow the same steps to delete the malware off the system.

4. Task Manager may be of some assistance when trying to erase this malware. Pull up Task Manager. As soon as you sign in stop the process. Erase the executable as fast as possible.

5. Command prompt can be used to delete the file and stop the it from running. Stop the task and the erase the file using file locations.  


FBI Green Dot MoneyPak is not causing very much damage to the computer it's on. It is high jacking it and you will not have your computer back until it is deleted from the system complete. After you have removed the file do not forget to do a full system scan or other viruses to ensure all infections are removed and your computer can be used safely again.  Full removal guide steps are here at http://www.removevirus.org/fbi-greendot-moneypak.

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