FBI MoneyPak Removal Help

As expected another larger malware client called FBI Money Pka is in full swing. Like many scams online it will fool many people. It acts like the FBI is behind it and records the users IP address and accuses the user of doing things like downloading songs, visiting child pornography, pirating movies and several other things.

The major twist here is this malware will take a picture using the users web cam if they have one installed. While not a first for a virus it is a first that we have seen malware such as this be able to access a users web cam.

As with most malware you have several different ways to remove this virus. One options you have is http://www.pctechguide.com/virus-removal/fbi-money-pak-virus While it may be hard to follow for some it's about the easiest step by step guide out there.

Another place to check out is a website that has been created just for this threat http://fbimoneypak.com/

It's next to impossible to say exactly how you got infected with this virus. One common way of being infected is through a process called a drive by download. This can happen when you visit a hacked or malicious website. Having all the latest software updates is the only way to not be exploited by this method. The problem is you have updates all the time for several different programs like the operating system, your browser, java script and a number of add-ons and plug ins.

This is why having proper computer antivirus and security software is needed. You have many options when it comes to free antivirus clients. The paid version of that free client is always better. The paid version will have better updates in place and better up front protection.

One of the best antivirus programs on the market is Spyware Doctor with Antivirus. If you can not remove this virus yourself and can not get an antivirus client to install you may want to hire a pro. You have many options out there. I would recommend you go with http://www.pcninja.com. The price is right and they can repair your computer right then and there.

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