Security Shield 2011 – How to Remove


What is Security Shield 2011?

Security Shield 2011  or just plain Security Shield is a fake antivirus client. These programs are the same as malware. The people who released this virus just wants to scam users out of their money. They way to trick you into buying something that you should not buy at all. They will release false infection results just to scare people. Some of these results may actually look real. If users fall for the scam their personal banking information will be hacked and sent to these people. It's not good at all. 

How did Security Shield 2011 get on my Computer?

This program is masking itself on the internet as a video update. Most of the installations probably come from people downloading this program not realizing it is actually a virus. These kinds of tricks are quite common on the internet. Many viruses are transmitted this way. There probably are other ways this virus is infiltrating computers. It's probably taking advantage of the lack of antivirus protection on some systems and installing that way. This is where a good antivirus program would have stepped up to block the installation. If there is none in place then the computer is vulnerable to the attack.

What is Security Shield 2011 doing to my computer?

The best news out of all of this annoying attacks is that your personal backing information is safe. You are not having files erased off your pc. All those false errors messages may be very scary but the damage is very minimal. You still should take every step you can to delete this threat so it can pose no more danger to you. Deleting it will restore your computer back to normal.

Leaving this virus on your computer can lead to it changing into a banking bot or Trojan over some time. Don't run that risk.


How Do I Delete Security Shield 2011?

You can delete this virus with a manual virus removal guide. If you are comfortable with a computer then you can find what you need here.

There is a reliable automatic way to remove this threat as well. This is good for people who are not computer or tech savvy. Download program here.

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