XP Defender 2013 | How to Erase this Virus Threat

The internet has changed over the years. Today, there are more viruses being released onto the internet than ever before. That means there are countless active viruses that pose a threat to computer owners all over the world. XP Defender 2013 is a new threat that is infecting computers by the thousands. There are many things people can do today to make sure these viruses don't attack you without your knowledge. You will need a legitimate antivirus program to make sure that you are not take by surprise by these viral infections. 

What's XP Defender 2013 ?

XP Defender 2013 is a malware program that makes it impossible for regular programs to run while it is installed on a computer. This is a virus that looks like a security program but it is a virus. This program is not safe and it is not what you think it is. It is a virus that has to be removed from the computer as soon as possible. Once this malware is installed on the computer, it will not be able to run any other program except for the virus executable.

How Did XP Defender 2013 Get on my Computer ?

There is a way called zero day exploits that this virus and other similar malware infections use to take over computers using the internet. Zero day exploits are linked to security holes in your computer system. These weaknesses can be the main way these viruses get through. The holes that are exploited can be linked to web browsers, Flash or Java. If there is no active antivirus protection to block this virus it will remote install on the computer. This can happen without the permission or knowledge of the user. Hacked websites and advertisements are a breeding ground for this virus. Another way to get this virus is from an infected email. That's why it's important not open emails from any sender you don't recognize. 

Is XP Defender 2013 Damaging My System or Information?

The straight answer is no. At this time this virus is not causing any known pc damage. There is not any long lasting permanent damage happening either. Another good thing is the personal information and data that you have stored on your computer is safe at this time. This is not one of the more damaging infections we have seen but it is mandatory that you erase it as soon as possible. You don't have to worry about banking information, login information or data being stolen or sent to any unauthorized party. Remove this virus as soon as possible. 

Remove XP Defender 2013 Manually or Automatically

You can go about this virus removal process one of two ways. This threat can be removed manually or automatically. The manual process is a lot more in depth. In order to remove this virus manually you will have to know the exact files to find and how to delete it. This requires a good amount of comfort about computers. Erasing the wrong thing can definitely be damaging to your computer. Use a step-by-step virus removal guide to show you how to get through the process. For manual and automatic virus removal information then Look here. If you don't want to take the risk of damaging your computer, then you can always get expert assistance at www.pcninja.com.

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