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Your computer contains your entire life. Don’t believe us? Where are the photographs of the amazing trip to Hawaii stored? Where do you access your bank account and pay your bills from? How you call for those succulent pork dumplings from the Burmese place around the corner? With browsers that can remember passwords and autofill information, you have a lot of your life and yourself on your computer and the Internet. You need to safeguard this more than ever now with online scams and thefts gaining ground. Thieves have gone high tech and you shouldn’t take that lightly.

At, we’ve collated, rated and ranked the top antivirus companies in the world that are worth your money and have tried and tested potency against stopping viruses, trojans, malware or even the odd annoying worm.

With a comprehensive listing and handy comparison of features, we give you exactly what you need to make the right decision to protect your data.