10 things you must know about viruses
10 things you must know about viruses

Just like viruses in the human body have the potential to adversely affect the body, computer viruses are malicious programs that can destroy sensitive information and data. Whether it is a government organization or a small company, every individual can become a victim of virus attack. The purpose of a virus attack is to carry out malicious activities by stealing CPU time or disk space, displaying uncouth messages on the user’s screen, copying files, getting access to important information and information, infecting host server, and destroying the computer’s operations in every possible way. Here are 10 important things one should know about viruses and how they function.

Definition of a virus

Coders develop a plastic program, also known as a virus, to enter a computing device without the acknowledgement of the user. The virus can be attached to boot sectors or files while replicating itself throughout the network. It can copy itself and cause havoc to the system performance or interface.

The Creeper Virus was the first virus to be detected on ARPANET during the early stage of 1970. Bob Thomas carried out a self-replicating program in 1971 at BBN Technologies. At present, worms, Trojan horses, and viruses are the most common security threats, but you should know that there is a difference between their behavioral patterns.

Is a virus similar to a worm?

The basic difference between a worm and a virus is that the worm does not require a host program. The worm is an application that can self-replicate and spread through computer networks. The Love Bug, ILOVEYOU, or Love Letter is worm attack observed in the Philippines and other parts of the world.

Ways to get a virus

It is unknown how your system can get inflicted, but there are three ways that have an influence on virus attacks: downloading an infected attachment, booting from an infected system, and running an infected program.

Infected programs

Games and apps are known to be the sources of virus, and malicious programs affect device memory. The virus can cause harm to the new app you have opened, eventually jeopardizing the entire system.

Multipartite virus

This type of virus has the potential to infect program files or systems and boot sectors simultaneously. Several sections in the computer can be triggered, like multiple bombs being detonated simultaneously.

The multipartite virus can spread and re-infect the system with the course of time being extremely dangerous for the device.

Polymorphic virus

Another menacing virus is a polymorphic virus, which can infect a computer system before the multiplication initiates. Before even processing the multiplication of the field, the virus can produce copies of the virus with every copy being different from being each other.

Boot sector virus

This is a component of external storage media or hard drive of computer where the information required for booting is stored. The boot sector virus can change the information needed for booting and inserts its own version. The worst part is that the virus is activated even before the operating system is loaded.

Browser hijacker virus

This is one of the most fraudulent cases where the users are directed to a new website that the user has probably never seen or clicked. It even changes the settings of the homepage or search engine, and even though you change it back, the issue does not seem to go away.

Macro virus

Scoring severe in the danger meter, this one can affect the programs like MS Excel or MS Word to activate a menacing function without the user’s knowledge. Repetitive tasks or automating common tasks are executed through this virus. This refers to the fact when a document is opened, a series of commands are seen to be following without the user’s permission.

Use of quality antivirus software

As the cyber world is suffering from large due to virus attacks, it is necessary to install quality antivirus software. The software can detect the viruses and update its database to deal with new viruses or malicious software program every day.

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