5 best free antivirus software
5 best free antivirus software

Also known by the name anti-malware, the antivirus is a kind of computer software that can prevent, track, detect, erase, and remove various threats to a computer that are caused by malicious programs and software. The anti-virus software was created initially to track and remove the virus affecting a given computer or computer system. The antivirus software has now evolved to possess multiple and advanced capabilities and can protect against the ransomware, browser hijacker attacks, BHO or Browser Helper Objects, worms, Botnet DDoS attacks, Trojan horses, phishing attacks, malicious spam URLs etc. They can also provide security towards online banking and online identity. It is very crucial in the e-commerce age.

Both Windows and Mac PC users are exposed to external and internal threats and an anti-virus helps award of the malicious and malware attacks. While a paid antivirus software may have more features for managing security, and offer regular software updates among other benefits, not all people can buy them. Many people simply refuse to pay towards a paid service when a free one is available. Following are 5 best antivirus software which is available free of cost. They offer a good level of protection against threats to a PC.

Avast antivirus

Avast is one of the best-known antivirus providers in the world, which recently merged with AVG, another reputed antivirus. Post the merger there are remarkable improvements in the Avast antivirus program and service. The software has a very friendly interface and includes features like Network Scanner and others. The antivirus has a very simple and straightforward password manager and it also has a Wi-Fi Inspector that checks the security issues related to the Wi-Fi networks. The software provides good malware blocking capability and is potent towards preventing the phishing attacks and phishing emails as well.

Other notable features of the antivirus include site correct (that can catch and correct the typos), online security (reports the unsafe websites in the search results) and software updater (scans the computer and points out the software that is not updated).


Comodo is a more advanced antivirus and offers excellent features towards PC protection and threat analysis. Some of the notable features of this antivirus include one-click virus detection and scanning, whitelisting (cloud based), cloud-based behavior analysis, auto-sandboxing and the “default deny” protection. The antivirus has up to 100% effectiveness because of its patent Defence+ Technology, which assumes all unknown files as potential threats. It offers an on-access or resident protection, which is essentially a constant form of virus protection, free of cost. Regular updates of the software make it more efficient to safeguard the device.


Avira excels in providing customization to the end users. The antivirus also has a number of features including the password manager and the VPN client. Avira has the safety and extension for the browser, which provides protection from all kinds of malicious websites. The Avira software updater can scan a computer system and also fix the software by providing the missing patches. The paid version of Avira antivirus has much more to offer.


Panda works well towards virus detection when installing on a Windows 10 PC. While the antivirus software has average performance towards blocking of malware and scanning, it is very potent word blocking the phishing attacks. The other notable features of the software include rescue kit, process monitor, and USB protection. Panda protects the device against the malicious attacks from fraudulent websites that make an attempt to steal the login credentials for email accounts, banks, and other websites. Panda blocks the processes that it finds threatening through the process monitor.


Bitdefender has one of the best malware detecting features. It does not impair the performance of your PC in anyway and also covers all the basics of PC protection. The scan scheduling option is not provided but you can download the antivirus and forget about the threats. The software blocks the phishing attacks and fraudulent websites but the free version is still more potent.

It is essential that you download and install a good free antivirus on your PC, as an attack may severely deteriorate the performance of your PC, corrupt it, or wipe off valuable data.

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