A brief overview of Comodo Antivirus
A brief overview of Comodo Antivirus

Comodo Antivirus is a free-to-use virus protection software, available for both personal and commercial use. Comodo also offers Internet Security Suite that comprises all kinds of security features such as antivirus and ensures safe and secure browsing while doing financial transactions online.

In order to shield your computer from any kind of threat, Comodo Antivirus comes with multi-layered levels of malware protection. Some of the features of Comodo Antivirus include:
● Identifying suspicious files with the help of instant malware removal
● Ensuring efficient system performance
● Instant and quick cloud-based scanning
● Instantly updating to the latest virus definitions
● Real-time protection and user-friendly interface
● Instant and automatic scanning of downloaded files from the Internet
● Complete security while online

Comodo Internet Security to protect computers running on Windows 10
Every computer, be it for personal use or business use, has personal or financial information on it. In order to protect the device from threats so that the information is not leaked outside, antivirus programs must be installed on the system. Comodo Internet Security Suite has an antivirus, firewall, and other security features to safeguard the system from malicious attacks. Designed for Windows 10, it offers a user-friendly interface, multi-layered security, file scanning system, etc. Comodo assures its users of the best security software in the industry. It combines Defense+, HIPS (host intrusion prevention system), and Auto Sandbox technology. All these are considered to ensure customer satisfaction with regard to Internet Security and computer.
There is a free version of this internet security suite available to protect users’ computers from unknown online threats. The free version does not come with a time limit for usage and thus can be used as long as you want. You can choose to update to the advanced version of Comodo Internet Security Suite to get unlimited live Virus Removal service and a virus-free guarantee.
Comodo boasts of some outstanding features which make this antivirus software unique from its peers that are available to shield any computer running on Windows 10. These unique features are discussed below:
Default deny protection – This feature uses whitelisting to permit only the secure and known computer applications to be executed.
Auto SandBoxing technique – The sandbox is a virtual place to analyze and run unknown, untrusted, and malicious applications.
Prevention-based protection – This prevents any kind of malicious software from accessing the PC.
Customized protection – It allows users to schedule scanning in accordance with their needs and convenience.
Cloud-based antivirus – Cloud-based updates keep the PC protected completely even if the virus definitions in the system gets outdated.
Cloud-based behavior analysis – This feature helps identify zero-day malware instantly.
Cloud-based whitelisting – This feature lets you detect legitimate vendors’ authorized programs.
Game mode – This is the best feature for those who play games on their computer. This stops pop-ups, interruptions, and annoying alerts while playing games.
Application control – This feature helps you manage and control all the processes by executing reliable applications, thereby securing your computer.
One-click virus scanning – A single click is all you need to start the scanning process.
Personalized protection alerts – This one is to customize firewall settings. It will automatically manage alerts or popups and show them as per your convenient time.
Spyware scanning – This feature detects and automatically deletes spyware from the PC registry, folders, and files.

Comodo’s Safe List
Experts have created Comodo’s Safe List which is added with legitimate computer-friendly files after full examination on a regular basis.
Comodo Antivirus can be downloaded on PCs and laptops running on Windows 10. This powerful tool is packed with advanced techniques and features to guard users of Windows 10 from threats like computer worms, viruses, rootkits, and every other malware. It is a one-stop solution for all Internet security needs. The best thing is that it is available for free. You can upgrade this software if you wish to get additional features. However, the free version is a complete package in itself.

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