Best Symantec antivirus software for the protection of your PC
Best Symantec antivirus software for the protection of your PC

During the period when the cyber world was introduced to the malicious software programs, a group of developers worked hard on dealing with the situation. Cyber threats have instilled the fear of data breaches for all internet users, whether it is a business or for a person using the internet. Therefore, users depend on antivirus software programs like Symantec that help them to prevent internet viruses, Trojans and phishing attacks.

Symantec is a revolutionary company situated in California that has designed some of the most sophisticated and effective security solutions. From detecting the virus in your PC to removing malicious programs and identifying the susceptible website, their products provide comprehensive security solutions.

A myriad of products is guaranteed to offer protection against the threats related to website security, information protection, endpoint and hybrid cloud security, cyber security and messaging security.

It has been over 30 years that the company is still ruling the market with its innovative products that have the perfect balance of technology and creativity in it.


One of the significant products powered by Symantec is Norton that offers high levels of cyber or computer security. Following are the features that are offered by Symantec’s Norton antimalware solution.

  • One-time subscription for consumers
    Norton mobile security is highly recommended as it is a one-time subscription that proactively protects tablets and smartphone devices. Fit for every type of device, the security solution has the capability to safeguard the device against risky apps and restoring lost contacts, documents, and other information.
  • Antimalware
    The updated version of Norton security is ideal for a wide range of programs that can offer malware protection. The program can even erase malware if it is detected and the personal firewall along with other security measures are enabled with phishing protection along with filtration of email spams.
  • Security framework
    As small businesses do not have a stable and reliable security framework, Norton’s security solutions are great as it can help manage the protection of web portals and other devices.

What is Norton 360 Antivirus?

Powered by Symantec, this antivirus software does not have any expiry date or any license. Moreover, there are no hidden fees which help minimize the number of problems from people’s lives. The premium-quality protection software is affordable and can be used by all. There are many features of Norton 360 that proves its credibility. Have a look at some of the specifications of this most sought after antivirus software.

  • Backing up files
    The software comes with varied tools that permit you the chance of backing up files on your computer device to the web or a local drive. In addition to the context, you are given the provision of scheduling backups that take place automatically. Backup, identity, tune-up tools and security are the four essential features that the software program offers to its users.
  • Keeping system clean
    The registry cleaner feature boosts the performance of the device while the firewall blocks certain unwanted, malicious files or sites that can corrupt the device. These features and tools help to keep the system free from unwanted viruses.
  • Web Tool
    The Norton Safe Web tool has the capability of restricting activities of certain malicious websites which offers the computer users a site-threat warning from time to time.
  • Protection tool
    With the protection tool, you can save and secure your bank details, website login, personal information, data and mailing addresses.

360 antivirus is one of the products of Norton and only a few of the antivirus software like this one help to keep your device safe and secure. Make sure you aware of the pros and cons of the software before you choose a antivirus software for your device.

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