Can an antivirus software slow down your PC
Can an antivirus software slow down your PC

Computers have made people’s lives a lot easier. Whether it is maintaining customer’s details in a bank or updating the track records of students in a school, everything can be done in a jiffy. As computers are used for handling financial, personal, and confidential data, it is important to install a trusted and reliable antivirus software to prevent the laptop or PC from hackers. Yet, there are people who have no idea of the importance of a good antivirus and seldom prefer to install it on their device. One main cause of people not installing an antivirus is the speed issue. If you are among them, you need to get out of this misconception and learn how you can keep the PC speed uncompromised even after installing antivirus.

It’s a virus
Many times, it is the virus and not the antivirus that slows down the PC. Spyware and malware often hijack the browser or starts phishing the sites, making the device run slow. So, before blaming the antivirus, get your device thoroughly scanned.

Read antivirus reviews
Whether it is Kaspersky or Norton Security Deluxe 2018, you should always read the reviews of the product before making the purchase. This will allow you in understanding whether the antivirus program you have selected is associated with the slowdown of your computer system. Avoid the ones that have bad speed reviews. To get the best value for your money, you can always check out for the top 10 antivirus programs and make a wise selection.

Avoid opening multiple programs
Opening different programs at the same time or accessing multiple pages on the same browser can slow down the speed of your device. Therefore, before removing your antivirus program, it is best to check your usage. Open only those tabs and programs which you need and close the rest.

Do not clutter your startup
Many users end up adding multiple programs to their start up menu, which often affect the speed of the device. Do not be among them and keep limited programs in start up and allow your PC to boot faster.

Know about system compatibility
Although antivirus software are meant to match all types of systems, users have reported compatibility issues at times. If you do not want system incompatibility to affect the performance of your PC, it is better to check every feature well. It is also recommended to pay for what you need and avoid excess features unnecessarily.

Keep your device updated
Many times, it has been found that people using old PC models experience speed issues after installing an antivirus. Therefore, if you are using an old PC, it will be ideal for you to update the basic hardware and software of the computer from time to time. Outdated models are often incompatible with new apps and programs. Thus, installing an antivirus on them may make them slow down further.

Clean your computer from time to time
When it comes to the speed or performance of your PC, you should make sure to clean the trash at regular intervals. It is often found that unnecessary files or junk files clutter a major part of the system, preventing it to function smoothly. Also, piling up of unnecessary files may pave the way for virus to enter your computer. So, do not just blame an antivirus program for poor performance of PC. Keep it clean and be careful with its maintenance.

Check for crypto mining
Certain websites get their extension installed in your computer for earning cryptocurrency even when you are not operating the page. This often slows down the computer and gives you a misconception of slow performance.

When selecting an antivirus program, you should do a thorough research and note down your requirements. Activate the features you need to manage your systems efficiency. Last but not the least, make sure that you do not run multiple programs at a time, as this often slow down the performance of the device and avoid using unnecessary add-ons.

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