Everything you should know about a mobile antivirus apps
Everything you should know about a mobile antivirus apps

We are all constantly using our smartphones to access information and connect with the outside world. Whether you using Android or iOS, you could be prone to threats much like other computing devices. Hence, it is important to ensure that mobile antivirus is installed on your system. A good antivirus is able to support in many ways. First, it protects any device against malpractices of unauthorized users. Second, it reviews apps from time to time to ensure that they are not affecting your privacy in any way. Third, a good mobile antivirus is able to protect a stolen device by giving you the option of a remote lock and wiping data features. If you use a lot of apps or you often use the mobile device to check your professional and personal emails, it’s time to invest in a good mobile antivirus.

Let’s take two of the most common operating systems in the market today. Apple is capable of running its very own encrypted operating system, which means that iOS is less likely to become a victim of virus attacks. On the contrary, Android is an open source platform, making it is more vulnerable to viruses and other pieces of malware in comparison to Apple. Google is aware of the concern of malware, but their 4.2 version is only capable of taking care of 15% malware. This is not enough for a person who uses his or her mobile to send emails or store sensitive information. Although the iOS platform has a strict review policy to keep virus attacks at a bay, an iPhone virus attack is not unheard of. So, whether you are an iOS or Android owner, it is important to enable safe downloading and surfing options to the system.

Types of mobile antivirus
There are many mobile antivirus apps available in the market these days. Let us look at the features of some of the common antivirus in the market today.

Quick Heal Mobile Security

Supporting Android 4.0 and up with resolutions of 240 x 320, 320 x 480, 480 x 800, 600 x 1024, 1080 x 1920, this is a popular mobile antivirus system. A good support for all screen sizes, this antivirus has numerous useful features. It offers a quick and thorough scan of the device to check for viruses from time to time. Along with that, Quick Heal Mobile Security allows users to set privacy settings to filter and block calls. Some additional features of Quick Heal Mobile Security include

  • background scan,
  • vulnerability scan,
  • on-install app scan,
  • scan before download,
  • remote device management,
  • WiFi scan,
  • security shield, and
  • fingerprint unlock.

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: AppLock & Web Security
Android users are fond of the Kaspersky Internet Security, which is available for free. It is a mobile antivirus solution that keeps phones and tablets safe. With features such as a background scan, and antivirus protection, it is able to protect all your confidential data against viruses, spyware, and Trojans. It is able to remove viruses and block malware. Thus, the Kaspersky mobile virus is able to keep sensitive information and data secure from online attacks. Locating a lost phone is also easier with this mobile antivirus. Some additional features of Kaspersky Internet Security include

  • background check,
  • antivirus protection,
  • app lock,
  • find my phone,
  • anti theft,
  • anti phishing,
  • call blocker, and
  • web filter.

AVG AntiVirus for Android
This mobile antivirus and security device is meant to protect your phone and data from the prying eyes of online intruders. Users depend on the AVG mobile antivirus for their phones and tablets. With anti-theft features such as PIN code privacy and capturing the thief, this is a useful solution to mobile theft. Additionally, the mobile auto locks if the SIM is changed. The phone locks itself and prevents users from making calls. With such features, the AVG mobile antivirus is able to provide complete protection to the mobile and its software. Accessing online information and sharing details online becomes easier with such a system. Some additional features of AVG Antivirus include

  • anti-theft phone tracker,
  • app lock,
  • camera trap, and
  • app backup.

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