Importance of an antivirus for a smartphone
Importance of an antivirus for a smartphone

If you have thought that your computer or laptop is only at stake due to the web activities, you could not have more wrong. Your smartphones and tablets are at stake too because your phone contains more sensitive information. From taking personal photographs to chat messages to wallet details, everything is stored on your phone and cybercriminals may take advantage of such information to jeopardize your life.

Android viruses
If you own an electronic device, the risk factors are generally high for you and it becomes essential for you to install an antivirus. However, developers claim that antivirus software is not necessary for the Android devices but the Android users are often victims of cyber crimes. Due to the huge popularity of Android platform, the number of potential threats cannot be discarded.
The Android viruses do not directly infect the software itself but they do not have the capability of self-replicating. The main source of all the apps on Android platform is the Google Play Store and it is the most common target for all spyware scams.

The reason behind of Pay Store becoming is the typical option because it has the capability to serve as a mainline delivery process for all information and data existing on the phone. The amount of apps being downloaded and uploaded in every day, there is always a dearth of proper policing making the target easier.
● MMSs are downloaded automatically
● Hacks on WhatsApp
● Emails with attachments that you receive on your computer or laptop
● Phishing scams
● Fake APKs and apps

A survey has found out that the rate of Trojans-SMS is around 11.33% while the rate of risk tool is around 43.32%. However, in the course of time and more intense cybersecurity, the percentage will go down.

How do you know if malware affects your phone?
It is quite possible to find out whether the smartphone has been attacked or whether the app you downloaded possesses threat for you. Even after getting inflicted, people are still left in dark without the knowledge of being attacked. Once a high credit bill knocks at your door or your smartphone shows strange signs, you realize that you have become a victim of something fishy.
Only the novice hacker will inform you about the hacking of your system. You are not left with another choice than downloading an antivirus app because it is better to take all precautions beforehand.

Download antivirus apps for Android carefully
Developers have a notion that it is the colorized advertisement of the antivirus company that you might be in danger. Recently, the emergence of Loapi Trojan has been found that was spreading through advertisements itself. Moreover, this malware took out of advertisements for the very antivirus apps or security solutions.
Now, this can be a menacing fact to digest that the app you are downloading for protecting might end up causing damage to you. Loapi Trojan took the way of overheating the battery and in the end, it completely destroyed the phone. Other ways of the malware involved sending texts and subscribing to paid apps or services without letting you know a thing.
The malware also has the potential to block the screen and close the window at the time you remove the admin rights. Moreover, it directs you to delete security apps which would be able to detect and remove it.

The antivirus apps on phone work just the way you use the antivirus software on PC. After the process of downloading and installation is done, the app scans through your files and unrecognized, unsafe software and highlights the infected virus in the device. The difference between the Apple or Android-based antivirus software is that the security apps do not uninstall harmful apps automatically.

The price of antivirus apps might vary from one app to another; however, you are generally given an option to get a free trial. The paid version comes with extra features and often promises to wash away viruses from the apps.

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