Is it advisable to run two different antivirus software on the same PC
Is it advisable to run two different antivirus software on the same PC

Do you remain worried about the cyber threats or cyber attacks that make people lose their personal or financial data? You are looking for the best internet security or antivirus software for your PC! Are you among those who feel that one antivirus system is not enough to protect your PC completely? If you are unhappy with the security features offered by the existing antivirus program installed in your system, it is best to opt for another one. However, remember not to you run two different antivirus software simultaneously on the same PC. Installing and running two antivirus programs on the same PC will not provide you any added security. It, in fact, is a bad idea to run two different antiviruses on the same computer and the reasons for the same are listed below:

Both try to deactivate each other
Installing a Symantec Norton Antivirus Basic along with Bitdefender Antivirus Plus will not prove to be advantageous. Rather, it will slow down the system and can also cause malfunctioning of the same. This is because both of the antivirus software are designed to search for programs that are monitoring your system and sending information about it. Both will consider each other to be the virus and will try to block it. This, in turn, will nullify the security of your device and cause more harm than good.

Sends unnecessary warnings and alerts
With two antivirus software on the same computer, be sure of a slow speed and a few hiccups. This is because the two programs will try to quarantine the same virus, both of them will send alerts to your system, asking you to take action. While one will get the problem quarantined, the other will keep on sending alerts even when there is no actual threat to your device.

The slowdown of your PC
Antivirus software are designed to protect your system and not for tampering with its performance. However, it can slow down the system if you use two competitive software on the same device. Antivirus software consumes a significant amount of space and energy while running. Therefore, if you have two software, both of them will require space and power to run. Using security software to safeguard the information in your device is essential. However, you should never follow the concept of four eyes can see more than two eyes. Use only one antivirus program on your device. Yet, for optimum protection, you can pay for better reviewed ones like BitDefender and Avast. Also, you can refrain from using free licenses as these do not offer a complete set of features.

Although you should never install more than one antivirus program on the same PC, you can certainly run two different types of security software on one device. That means you can certainly install an anti-spam and an anti-virus together. If your antivirus software does not provide you complete security against online threats, you can get internet security software for your device and run it along with the antivirus program.

Installing two different types of security systems will not hamper the performance of the system. It will actually help in giving better protection to the system. Yet, operating multiple security systems can be a bit tough at times. Therefore, it is wise for you to purchase antivirus software or security software that provides complete cover against all sorts of online as well as offline threats.

When it comes to the security of your system, it is better to go for the paid versions and not the freebies as the free versions may not have complete features. Yet, before paying for any software, you can always try out the limited trial packs. In case, your anti-virus software is failing to detect threats, you can contact the service team of the company for further assistance.

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