Know about the antivirus features of Google Chrome
Know about the antivirus features of Google Chrome

If you use an Android smartphone, you are likely to be a heavy user of Google Play where you can get a wide range of apps and games. There are more than 700,000 apps in the store. However, are all of them devoid of virus threats or malware issues? What about Google Chrome? Downloading apps or games from Play Store or surfing on Google Chrome web browser powered by Google, you often stumble upon unreliable websites that can result in malware attacks.

Malware attacks are common on Android devices. The purpose of malware is to steal personal details of the users to share it with advertisers. This results in marketers throwing ads with the apps. This means, malware results in a compromise of mobile security and personal information. Additionally, it can result in mobile privacy threat. Google encourages users to install apps in many ways. When you use Android, you can easily download and install apps on several servers. Google Play doesn’t have strict rules for developers, which makes it easy for the cybercriminals to make Google Play a swift target for enticing people to download malicious apps.

Many antivirus companies have launched products to provide support to Google apps. For instance, the AVG AntiVirus for Android is meant to provide Android users protection against harmful viruses and malware. This antivirus is meant to keep personal data safe. This is done with the help of features such as an app lock and photo vault safety of personal data. It also offers Wi-Fi as well as in-app security. The Avast Mobile Security 2018 is another helpful antivirus software for Android devices. It protects devices against viruses and malware. It also prevents unwanted popups and ads while you browse the internet. Avast Mobile Security is a free antivirus app that alerts you in case of a spyware or adware attack.

Look at the various other antivirus apps and software for Internet users.

Google Play Protect

In a bid to protect users from Internet threats and malicious attacks, Google launched an built-in antivirus program called Google Play Protect. This is an improvement over the “Verify Apps” service of yesteryears. This is a feature that can be enabled on Android devices. Google Play Protect works as a real-time antivirus scanner. It checks all apps before they are installed. Users are warned in case there is a problem with any of the systems. When you are downloading or updating an app or game, the malware protection scans and detects the slightest chance of getting attacked by a malware or virus. The Google Play Protect antivirus security solution vows to keep your data, apps, games, and device completely safe.

Find My Device

The most enticing feature of this device manager is that it helps you when your device is lost, you can find it anywhere. Or, if you have misplaced your smartphone, with the Find My Device feature, you can locate the device by signing in to your Google account.

It will give you the provision of locking your device or showing a message on the lock screen so that who has found it will be notified.

Moreover, if you think it is too risky to leave sensitive data and information on an unwanted party’s hands, you can erase data instead of stressing out. The security solution scans and verifies all the apps on the Google Play Store and checks whether there has been any violation of policy occurred.

Antivirus feature in Google Chrome

The advent of technology has bought in a rise of cybercrimes by hackers and spammers. Hence, Google Chrome has added a few antivirus features that helps to detect malware and remove them from the PC or laptop.

  • The Google Chrome aims at modifying search results and removing malicious extensions or add-ons to enhance the search results.
  • The enhanced search result redirects you to lock user and block ad-filled websites possessing a potential threat to adware.
  • Injected ads and unintended pages are no more woes for a Chrome user.

Google Chrome has now come up with specific antivirus changes in settings which automatically detect unauthorized changes.

The Chrome cleanup feature has seen significant changes as it now performs shortcut to restoring Google Chrome’s default settings after any virus attack takes place. The feature alerts the user when the browser can detect unwanted apps or software programs offering its removal from the system. The Google Chrome cleanup tool acts as an antivirus security solution that has been proven to be effective for removing malicious software.

The new sandbox engine integration cannot replace antivirus on your PC and it aims at removing the malicious software that has violated the terms and conditions of Google software policy. In addition to the context, the Google’s unwanted software policy has the potential to offer cover against bad behavior and fraudulent apps that result in spyware.

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