Know about the latest features of Sophos antivirus
Know about the latest features of Sophos antivirus

Sophos antivirus offers business-grade cybersecurity for mid-market enterprises. A network solution for companies with a strength of 100 to 5000 people, it is an advanced antivirus model that offers much more than a traditional antivirus. It offers network security with the help of features like an XG Firewall, which is a next-gen system meant to protect the enterprise network. Its SG UTM feature is known to work as a threat management tool, while secure Wi-Fi features make Sophos ideal for effective cloud-management. Large banks, government organizations, and units use this solution for the safety of the enterprise.

Some other key features of the Sophos antivirus are its secure web gateway, which enables higher web security and control. There is also the Enduser protection for high-end security of users and data available on the network. A secure and unified endpoint management, as well as SafeGuard Encryption features, are also part of the security available from Sophos. Working with enterprise networks, Sophos also understands the importance of safeguarding data and sensitive information. Hence, they have a full-disk and file encryption feature to protect email, secure gateways, block phishing and prevent spam. Server protection is also an important part of the Sophos antivirus to prevent any damage to the virtual as well as physical servers of a company.

One of the trademark features of Sophos antivirus is its Intercept X. this is a smarter, scalable as well as high performing tool. It enhances security solutions with the help of traditional methods as well as sophisticated detection tools. Also available for free, enterprises can take a 30-day trial of Sophos before making the decision. A popular antivirus system, Sophos has won awards and recognitions from NSS Labs Firewall Report, Gartner Magic Quadrant, and Firewall Dirty Secrets.

Providing synchronized security, Sophos is a next-gen product as it provides enhanced security. This is because Sophos makes it possible to share real-time intelligence from endpoints to the firewall. Another way Sophos works well is because one can manage all Sophos-aligned products from an easy and solo cloud-based console. This includes management of the endpoint, world wide web, firewall, email systems, wireless, encryption, mobile, and servers.

With the help of Sophos’ XG Firewall, users are able to create synchronized security on any network. This improves security and insight available to the user. It works alongside the current firewall so that synchronizing security on the network is easier. Additionally, Sophos is able to open up any clandestine risks available on your network. These risks can come in the form of new apps, high-risk clients, advanced viruses etc. In case of any incident, the antivirus is able to respond automatically as it identifies and isolates the infected systems. This prevents them from harming other systems in the network. Sophos also blocks unidentified threats using a comprehensive suite that comprises advanced tools such as IPS, ATP, and Sandboxing.

Sophos Home
Now, for large homeowners, business-grade cybersecurity is available with Sophos. With this solution, homeowners can protect a smart home against virulent attacks from the latest ransomware, harmful viruses and unethical hackers. With this, homeowners also enjoy real-time protection with the Sophos Intercept X, which is a leading endpoint protection solution. This means homes will have the same level of protection that large enterprises enjoy.

Sophos Home is able to provide greater protection as it can detect a possible ransomware attack. The software blocks it immediately and automatically encrypts your files. This is also a great way to reclaim PCs. Sophos Home conducts a thorough scan to clean and eradicate malware as well as unwanted applications from systems. This improves the security and speed of your devices. Managing computer security at home becomes easier for Mac as well as Windows products. Spy cameras are protected by Sophos Home as it raises an alert in case an outsider tries to access a webcam or microphone in the premises.

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