Know more about viruses and popular antivirus software
Know more about viruses and popular antivirus software

A virus is a type of a malicious software program that infects your computer system by overwriting its own code on the system’s program. The term virus is also meant for another type of malware. When your system is booted from an infected file or disc, the virus is carried over to your system. Computer viruses are responsible for tons of economic loss every year. These viruses deliberately increase maintenance costs through system failures, corrupting data, and wasting system resources which increase maintenance cost eventually.
There are many viruses that are affecting the digital life and Internet services. Mentioned below are some threats causing damage to our system and data.
Browser hijacker – This virus hijacks your browser by controlling and redirecting your web home page to a particular site. This is the standard way a ransomware hacks your browser. This virus is a tactic of generating income from web ads.
Boot sector virus – This type of virus does not affect systems nowadays as it has become out-of-date. This virus occurs when a floppy disc was used to boot the system. Nowadays, this virus likely to occur in a master boot record. Since the internet is highly progressive these days, this virus is not very prominent.
Resident virus – This virus directly places itself in the system’s memory and gets the power to take over your system’s control. It runs away on its own after leaving behind the infected file.
Polymorphic virus – It is the toughest virus to track for any basic virus killer. It changes its code every time after running on the device. A basic or free antivirus is often unable to track a polymorphic virus.
Web scripting virus – This takes place while watching a video on the Internet. The hackers place the code in the comments section of the video and secretly that goes into the website.
Trojan horse
A Trojan horse, also referred to as Trojan horse virus, is a system virus that is not able to overwrite itself on the programs nor can it generate without the cooperation of the end user. A Trojan virus can hide in the programs that are pretending to be harmful and can trick you in its installation.
A worm is a type of a system virus that spreads on another system, drive, or network by creating duplicate files of itself. Computer worms generate their copies to other systems via network connections, email, instant messages, or infected web pages.
A spyware steals information from your device without your approval and provides it to another party.
Antivirus software
Antivirus software, which can also be referred to as virus killers, are installed to rule out these viruses from causing any vandalism. A congenial virus killer provides protection from malware, online threats, etc. There are different types of security offered by this antivirus software such as Total security, Internet security, antivirus plus, family packs, etc. Some decent virus-killing software that is popular on the market today are as follows:
Norton – Norton provides the best security against some of the most complicated Internet predators. Norton’s latest update is Norton 360 that not only detects harmful viruses in the system but also remove them out of it once identified.
● Once installed, Norton itself sends the update to the system throughout the year and keeps your system update without even disturbing you
● Detects and terminate wicked threats that are hard to remove
● Always informs you about a particular website’s security
McAfee – McAfee antivirus is a complete security program. It gives 100% security against malware, spyware, ransomware, and spam.
● Provides protection against Internet and other malicious threats
● Warns you against visiting dangerous sites and downloading harmful files
● Provides inbound and outbound firewall protection
● Comprises the McAfee Advisor feature and displays the safety of the website against malware, phishing, and spam.
Bitdefender – This virus killer has one of the largest security infrastructures worldwide. It solves billions of security queries per day. It detects and eliminates even the newest virus threats within 3 seconds.
● Protects against wicked viruses without affecting your system’s speed
● This software is installed in seconds and runs at maximum speed
● It is good for gaming, editing videos, and resource-intensive applications
Ensure to be safe from malicious viruses that are present over the Internet. Compare and choose the antivirus that fits perfectly with your needs and checks your system constantly for viruses.

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