Myths about antivirus security and popular products
Myths about antivirus security and popular products

There are hundreds of antivirus tools available in the market, but only a few of them live up to a user’s expectation. That is mainly because the level of intelligence of cyber threats and crimes has gone up dramatically. With the emergence of critical spyware to ransomware, people are worried about browsing on the internet. However, in an era of digitization, not being able to browse internet is a cumbersome situation.

All of us want to keep our computers smooth and running all the time. This requires the support of an effective and reliable antivirus. However, there are many myths about the reliability of antivirus security products. Let us look at some of them and check how true they are.

Antivirus companies create malware

This is the most common concern computer users tend to fear. Is it true that antivirus companies create malware to keep computer users on their toes? However, this allegation is far from true. Malware is constantly being created by cyber criminals, hackers, and spammers who want to access sensitive information. They are out there to track your activities and movement. This information is collected and sent to buyers who further use it to trouble computer users. Without antivirus security, it is impossible to track what type of spyware or worms would cause damage to your computer tomorrow.

Visiting safe websites prevents attacks

We may believe that visiting only safe websites prevents our systems from harmful attacks. However, that is not true. Any website can be prone to attacks. In fact, they are one of the most popular ways in which cybercrimes happen. Bots are sent to websites, which are then able to enter the system of the user. These bots have attacked some of the most sophisticated websites in the world. This is why it is important to ensure internet security antivirus checks, irrespective of the website..

Virus attacks can only happen on Windows

If you go by this rule and are not taking any type of protection for your iOS platform, you are causing damage to a system. This misconception has taken place because Windows operating system dominated the market for years. However, as soon as Apple emerged in the market, capturing both public and private sectors, malware attackers have been continuously working towards causing harm to macOS as well.

It is easier to attack Windows than macOS, but the Apple devices are vulnerable to threats. Just like the fact that Android smartphones are more prone to face virus attacks than an iPhone. For Apple, the developers are required to abide by a series of software policy, and violation of one structure will be a failure of the app itself. Android is enabling antivirus protection via Google Play Store, but it is still far from becoming fully viable.

Catering to all these problems, several anti virus software programs promise to give the user a new experience of safe and secure web browsing. Let us look at some of them.

AVG Antivirus

This security antivirus offers the users a free version that is directly downloadable from the Internet, but there is a paid version that offers you more features. On a regular basis, this software can run scans on files for detecting any trace of spyware virus. Furthermore, they can deal with the virus files in a unique way so that the virus attack never relapses in future.


Powered by Symantec, Norton antivirus software programs have a quick solution to every malware problem. Been ruling the market for over a decade, people are inclined to use the security antivirus from this particular vendor extensively. You can pay for an annual subscription, and the internet security option can scan files and the system daily to identify possible threats to the virus.


This one has been one of the most popular antivirus security tools with a great track record in dealing with critical malware attacks. Virus and spyware protection are integrated within this antivirus security software. Note that in order to get a no-disruption service, you will have to pay a certain amount for subscribing.

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