Norton AntiVirus support for different devices
Norton AntiVirus support for different devices

Any avid computer user knows that Norton AntiVirus is one of the oldest and most reliable products in the market. Norton is a leading antivirus company based out of California. Known for its ability to protect a computer system against spyware, adware, malware, and other threats, Norton has a range of antivirus products.

Norton AntiVirus can be purchased from the market or downloaded online. With Norton AntiVirus, users are able to protect their computer from any potential threats.

Download a Norton AntiVirus free version or paid version on your computer to prevent it from threats like virus, ransomware, and spam. Norton AntiVirus also helps keep passwords safe and auto-enabled for email and online banking to detect any suspicious activity. Moreover, Norton AntiVirus can be used for multiple devices at the same time. It can be used as a cloud-based system, so you can buy a single product for multiple devices. Businesses depend on Norton to prevent any cases of online theft and fraud.

Windows security
With the Proactive Exploit Protection (PEP) feature, Norton is able to protect a Windows device against all possible attacks that are targeted at the vulnerable areas in Windows. It protects vulnerabilities in applications as well as the operating system. With the Insight feature, Norton is able to identify whether the files and applications in use are safe or malicious. This is based on the feedback that has been collated by more than 175 million Norton users. It helps users by warning them of any possible threats and malicious attacks.

With the SONAR 2 Behavioral Protection, Norton is able to detect a harmful file and keep the system protected. Windows systems are kept safe and up-to-date with the Norton solution as it installs new updates from time to time. With the Download Insight, users are warned of websites that have a poor reputation. The Insight + Optimized File Copy is another feature that improves scan times because it is able to differentiate between safe and malicious files in advance. To keep emails and other apps safe, Norton includes a spam blocking feature. This way, your mailbox can be kept safe from spam and fraudulent emails.

Mac security
Keep your Mac safe with the Essential Online Protection by Norton that safeguards devices against virus, malware, and spyware, besides others. This prevents the system from slowing down. There is a Vulnerability Protection feature that scans the computer daily to prevent threats that come into the system from a poor or problematic operating system. Security abilities also change based on where you are located—in office, at home, or when you are working from a café. Norton is also able to protect your iOS applications when they are connected to the Internet. Daily updates also work in the background to prevent any threats. With the Norton Safe Web, you can access the Internet safely. Additionally, Norton has an antiphishing technology that prevents phishing websites from accessing sensitive information that may be available on your system. A two-way firewall prevents any outside system from accessing your device.

Security for smartphones and tablets
If you are looking for the security of your portable devices, you can rely on Norton. They have a mobile device support that safeguards smartphones and tablets that use Android or iOS operating systems. Norton Mobile Security features App Advisor, which ensures that security checks are routinely run on the smartphone or tablet. This way, all your apps and features are regularly updated to prevent risk to privacy, malicious intrusion, or high data consumption. The Antimalware feature also scans all the apps at the time of download. This prevents malicious attacks as you can remove any app that is suspicious.

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