The benefits of having Aviras free security suite
The benefits of having Aviras free security suite

Avira Free Security Suite is widely used to protect PCs and laptops from all possible malicious threats. The security suite shields your privacy, secures all activities and delivers time-saving options for regular work. Avira antivirus is a complete package and ensures 100% protection. It keeps getting better with more features added automatically on a regular basis. You can customize the package in accordance with your needs and requirements.

Explore the web without fear
Avira free antivirus allows you to be bold with your browsing, it allows its users to browse everything without the fear of potential virus attacks. Users can download any file, visit any website, and click on any link without being afraid. Avira provides real time against 4 million+ threats, including ransomware, and adware.

Surf the web anonymously
You get to be invisible when you are online with free VPN. Thus, no border can stop you, no snoop can spy on you, and no advertisers can track you. Not even your ISP can monitor your online activities in order to sell your private data elsewhere.

Rediscover what being fast feels like
With free tune-up utilities, Avira enhances the speed of the system. The free software is known to enhance speed, optimize performance, and clear all caches to ensure enough space for trouble-free browsing.

Enjoy Latest Security Services
Avira offers all its users new security services and components as soon as they are launched, and at no cost.

Features of Avira Free Security Suite

If you are an Avira user, you are in for a pleasant surprise with all the essential security features that come with Avira Free Security Suite.

Avira Free Antivirus
Always stay safe. The award-winning program prevents all kinds of online threats like viruses, ransomware, banking Trojans, etc. from causing any harm.

Avira Phantom VPN
Now you can browse more on the web. The virtual private network (VPN) of Avira lets you anonymously and securely surf the Internet and bypass any censored websites or geo-restrictions.

Avira Browser Safety
You can now surf with confidence. Avira has a discreet browser extension. This refrains other companies from tracking your browsing data. It also blocks phishing attacks and malicious websites.

Avira Safe Shopping
Shopping safe is the only way to save the bank details. Avira safe shopping helps you find the best deals by filtering the unsafe ones.

Avira SafeSearch Plus
This browser extension by Avira highlights all the infected websites and gives you quick access to the legitimate ones.

Avira Password Manager
You never have to remember passwords anymore. This features gives you unique passwords for your accounts and securely store the same, which can all be accessed at once with a master password.

Avira Free System Speedup
This all-in-one tune-up tool is known to help regain the lost speed. It guides you to enhance performance, privacy scores, and disk of your computer and then works to improve all of them with just one click.

Avira Software Updater
It helps the users to stay updated. The most important thing to protect your data against threats is to keep the software updated. Avira Software Updater is of great help in this regard.

Avira Privacy Pal
This is a great option to keep all activities private. Avira Privacy Pal has the ability to solve more than 200 privacy issues. It safeguards the privacy of online activities and browsing history along with web tracking and blocking.

Avira Connect
This one dashboard is enough to rule everything. With this feature, users can easily manage high-performing digital tools. It also offers 24/7 health checks across several devices from one online central dashboard.

Avira Security Suite is one of the best products that are available for free. This award-winning software deserves should be used to increase speed of the system. You can use this free software and decide to go for its premium version if you feel the need.

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