Things to consider before choosing an antivirus software
Things to consider before choosing an antivirus software

If you are looking for an antivirus software for your system, there is a plethora of options available. An antivirus software has become a necessity to ensure that your files and system are safe at all times. With the complicated nature of the ever-increasing threats lurking over the Internet, you would need an efficient antivirus software that will help protect against different kinds of malware, spyware, adware, etc.

An efficient antivirus software should help protect against the following and more:
● Browser Helper Objects
● Browser Hijackers
● Ransomware
● Keyloggers
● Harmful LSPs
● Fraud tools
● Spyware
● Adware
● Worms
● Trojan horses

The more sophisticated and enhanced antivirus software also provides real-time protection against computer threats like infected URLs, spam emails, spam messages, user privacy, and phishing attacks.

Ways in which malware is identified

Detection using signatures – One of the oldest means of detecting viruses, a signature-based antivirus software is able to identify the malware as well. If an antivirus software detects a potential malware, it analyzes to check the signature of the process. Once that is determined, it is decided whether the process is a malware or not. However, hackers have been able to break through this method. Therefore, it would be necessary to install an antivirus software with an updated database so as to safeguard your data.

Sandbox detection – With this malware detection technique, it is possible to run a program in the virtual environment to detect potential threats to the systems in the network. Based on the activities of a newly-installed program, sandbox detects whether it is safe or malicious.

Data mining – With the help of algorithms, such as data mining, certain antivirus software are able to define the kind of behavior of any given file or process. If found to be malicious in nature, these processes are highlighted so.

Heuristics – A computer virus also has the ability to multiply, much like a biological virus. A malicious software is able to spread the infection to multiple places. In this way, many variants of the virus can be developed. Heuristics is a process of generic detection that is able to take care of multiple threats from different viruses while using a single antivirus software.

Features to look for in an antivirus software
There are a plethora of choices available when you look for the right antivirus software. Choosing from the many popular antivirus programs can be difficult. However, there are some key things that a good antivirus program must contain. The following is a concise list of the same.
Antimalware – The antivirus should have the ability to fight malware, ransomware, adware, spyware, etc.

Detect browser exploits – Browsers have become a common route to tap into unsuspecting users. Make sure the antivirus is able to protect your web browser.

Anti-Trojan – The antivirus should perform relevant integrity checks on suspicious programs so that any hidden Trojans can be detected.

Antispyware – The antivirus should not allow any clandestine program to steal files and monitor your activities.

Anti-Worm – A Worm spreads by replicating itself and spreading to networks and hard drives. A good antivirus must take care of it.

Anti-Rootkit – Protecting critical files is important with the help of an anti-Rootkit feature. It prevents attacks on programs that install onto the operating system and replace important data with corrupt ones.

Anti-Phishing – A good antivirus program should be able to support the web browser and email client software to prevent all kinds of intrusions.

Secure network – The antivirus should not allow any unauthorized program to attach to your network and computer systems that are connected to the Internet.

Email protection – The antivirus must have the ability to safeguard your email against infected attachments or infected URLs.

Updated database – The antivirus should be able to protect programs against new viruses by updating the definitions to their database.

Heuristic scanner – Good antivirus software is able to detect viruses intelligently with the help of a useful heuristic scanner.
Consider these important tips when buying an antivirus software to keep your computer safe against attacks over the Internet.

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