Things to look for in an antivirus for Linux
Things to look for in an antivirus for Linux

Linux and other computer operating systems that resemble Unix are generally considered to be safer and well protected against malware; however, this is a myth. Many types of malware can affect a Linux computer such as worms, Trojan horses, and other kinds of malware.

As Linux systems have a lower market share, they are not considered as a profitable hacking opportunities by the hackers. Still, as Linux systems often play critical roles, including handling internal file servers and web servers, they may be exposed to a hacker attack sooner than you anticipate. Here is what you should look for in an antivirus for a Linux system to make it safe against a world of threats.


An antivirus for a Linux system should be able to effectively detect all kinds of viruses, Trojan horses, and other kinds of malicious software program applications and files. A detection method that uses more advanced and futuristic heuristics is even better.

Real-time scanning

The Internet enables the antivirus software to update their virus data and platform in real time. On-demand scanning offered by certain antivirus software for Linux disk partitions helps look for viruses and malware. This results in an improved solution for scanning the system. A good antivirus software for Linux should be able to update itself in real time and be able to counter the threats no matter how latest they are. You can also check for scheduled scans offered by the chosen antivirus software so that you can rest assured that your Linux system is free from viruses. An efficient antivirus software may also use different folders or an individual file system to detect the most lethal viruses and safeguard your system.

Light in footprint

A good antivirus for your Linux system will offer you efficient and real-time scanning with malware protection. This software will also be a lightweight one. Such software will not deteriorate or impair the performance of the PC and will not slow it down. Even the updates of the lightweight antivirus software would be less than 50KB in size, and hence the system remains agile.

Timely updates

It is important that new virus updates are frequently available to the antivirus software already installed on your Linux system. Viral threats emerge continuously and out of nowhere. Hence, it is important that your antivirus is updated and can meet the newest of threats easily and conveniently.

All leading antivirus software for Linux have an intuitive and user-friendly interface. It can be used efficiently for scanning, virus removal, and other purposes. You will get one-click install and would be able to undertake all your PC protection tasks with a little effort. Furthermore, the antivirus for Linux should offer cross-platform compatibility and the option to use on multiple operating systems as well. You can use one such antivirus across all kinds of systems and devices so that you are more adept at handling the application.

Email filter

Emails are the most common way through which hackers try to penetrate a Linux system and try to install malicious malware. One should see to it that the antivirus you are using on your Linux system has an email filter that can be easily made compatible with Postfix and other applications.

System compatibility

An efficient antivirus for Linux systems should be compatible systems including Redhat, Debian, Fedora Ubuntu, and other DEB and RPM distribution systems.

Web protection

An efficient antivirus software should provide you with effective web protection, control threats, and remove malware.


Portability is another important factor to be considered when choosing an antivirus software for Linux systems. You can use it across multiple platforms.

A number of antivirus software for Linux are available free of cost on the Internet and can be downloaded with a single click. Ensure to consider your requirements before zeroing in on the right antivirus for you.

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