Use of a super antivirus and preventive measures
Use of a super antivirus and preventive measures

As the name suggests, a super antivirus solves many purposes in one go. It proves to be a defense against Trojan software, malware, auto executive files and other kinds of systems that produce viruses. A super antivirus is used for computers and laptops as well as tablets and smartphones. Whenever a computer is attacked online through mails, messages, and other malware, then the super antivirus gets activated and defends the system immediately and automatically. This is also used for the protection of one or many hard disks embedded in one’s computer.

There are many computer protection software out there. However, it is always a good idea to buy a reliable and reputed antivirus software. Trust a reputed program with free trial or a guarantee to ensure that you are investing in the right product. When you are searching for software, you must ensure that a free copy of company’s antivirus tool is available with it. The paid versions are quite comprehensive and tend to provide high security for a longer period of time. Programs that continuously show pop-ups on your screen are nothing but viruses or scams themselves. Moreover, note that, sometimes, even reputed antivirus software programs lack recovery tools. A recovery tool is essential to get rid of any malware or spyware present in the computer. Hence, it is important to buy the right super antivirus software.

It is noteworthy that computer viruses don’t come from the Internet alone. They can also come via portable storage devices such as USB drives, CDs, and smartphones.

Preventive measures
Although having antivirus software protection is the most important step to keep your computer at bay from malware and other threats, there are other precautions that users can adopt to keep their computers as clean and clear as possible.

Updating your computer system
Updating one’s system more often and performing scans regularly is one the preventive measures to avoid viruses and worms.

Refrain from clicking on everything
Practicing safe Internet habits is the key to avoid threats and hacking in your system. So do not click on anything and everything. Some hackers try to insert malware into the user’s computer by sending them various links and attachments. So, don’t be fooled by them and do not click on any unknown source or links.

Changing passwords frequently
Setting strong passwords and changing them frequently reduces the chances of losing personal information via hacking. Hackers are always on the lookout for stealing valuable information such as credit cards, bills, bank transactions, and personal information. So never tell your password or share your bank details. Use strong passwords with different characters and numerals for protection. You should keep on changing your password every six months and note it down to avoid any inconvenience

Take care of which programs you install
It is very essential to keep an eye on the programs running on your computer. Do not install anything and everything from an unknown source. People who create viruses earn a lot of money from these programs or applications that, at first, appear to be harmless but can infect your computer when they are run.

Use trustworthy sources
Never ever trust unknown sources and open messages from them. Only click on reliable links or open messages from known sources.

Cautious use of web pages
If you cannot recognize non-secure web pages, you can now determine the security of a page with the help of their address, which begins with “https: //” displayed on the address bar.

Use of passwords
Do not use weak passwords; opt for strong and secure passwords. Follow the guidelines of using a character, numbers, and letters. Also, don’t use a similar password for different accounts.

Maintain confidentiality
Do not provide any confidential information online via messages or emails. Be especially aware of spam mails that promise a reward or a lottery when you share your account details.

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