Why one should choose VIPRE
Why one should choose VIPRE

VIPRE antivirus is an advanced security system that protects your computer from threats that could compromise your data and privacy. While most antivirus programs that utilize high resources tend to slow down the PC, VIPRE antivirus was specially designed to run seamlessly without compromising on the computer’s performance. So, if you feel that your current antivirus is slowing down your computer, it may be time to replace it with vipre antivirus.

VIPRE antivirus is a powerful and efficient system that merges the detection of all types of malware into a single system. This technology was developed by ThreatTrack Security, Inc using next-generation technologies; thereby, raising the bar for all other antivirus programs and making it top-notch among them. VIPRE antivirus was developed in the 2008 and currently processes over 200,000 new threats every day.

Features of VIPRE antivirus
Following are the features of VIPRE antivirus that make it an expendable option for users:

Email protection for computers
VIPRE keeps employees’ inboxes safe by offering protection against emails that could present any malicious threat of ransomware or malware. It offers direct support for Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Microsoft Outlook using SMTP or POP3.

Management of mobile devices
VIPRE antivirus offers a great defence system against most malware for Android devices. Additionally, it allows you to locate and lock your device in case it goes missing.

Mac desktop and laptop security
It let you manage antivirus on desktop and laptops easily from a central console and helps keep macOS devices secure and protected.

Advanced threat monitoring
It leverages highly sophisticated detection methods including heuristics, signatures, and active protection in order to monitor and protect your device against malware threats, including zero-day attacks.

Real-time detection of threat
It processes thousands of threat samples everyday by incorporating the live threat information into its threat definition update several times a day.

Removes incompatible software
Any existing threat that could prevent smooth deployment and installation of VIPRE antivirus is automatically removed.

Scans removable devices
The antivirus program automatically scans USB flash drives and other removable drives for malware threats when it is inserted into the ports.

Roaming services
It uses a cloud-based server to manage off-network computers and helps in maintaining the communication between the site server and remote agents.

Unprotected alerts
The antivirus program alerts you when any other machine tries to access your network without any antivirus protection. This stops infections from spreading to your file servers and systems.

Anti-malware agent
The antivirus quickly scans for any security threat and protects the device from spyware, malware, virus, Trojan horses, and rootkits without slowing it down.

VIPRE antivirus offers advanced security with layered protection in the field of cyber security. In addition, it offers uncompromised speed, ease of use, and high protection rate, all of which have made it one of the top notch antivirus providers across the globe.

Installing an antivirus program for your device is important these days. There are hordes of cybercriminals out there who are busy developing new viruses and malicious software almost every day. This can pose a real threat to most of the devices. The only way out is to install an antivirus software in your device. Be it a PC, smartphone or tablet, they need to be protected against malware threats.

With so many antivirus options available in the market today, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. However, you can easily consult an expert and seek help to understand how you can protect your device from any threat. Even large scale enterprises are not spared from the harmful effects of malware, and so everybody, including individuals and small scale companies, must ensure their networks and devices are well protected.

VIPRE antivirus has won several awards for its performance and detection rates and therefore is worth giving it a try. It is one of the most easy-to-use antivirus programs that can be implemented for enhanced safety online and offline.

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